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The definition of poverty is not whether you don’t have a car, house…

If you don’t have enough to feed others..YOU ARE POOR!

If you are just enough for yourself…one house, one car or whatever it is, maybe a mini bus that you take everyday to work…YOU ARE STILL POOR!

You are rich if you have a car, a house and also be able to give someone.

We have a lot of people that say ‘I have money’. You have money but can you feed somebody who is not you?

If you have not taken up a duty somewhere, to feed somebody, to help someone, to even buy a T-shirt for someone, YOU ARE A POOR PERSON.

no matter how you convince yourself, YOU ARE VERY POOR.

If you give because you want a hundred fold, you are just a calculating person. You are not giving.

If you give because you want your name to be on a plaque in church, you are marketing your name. It’s just a trade.

God doesn’t take that as giving…

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