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TD Jakes: If you are tired from running with short legged humans, don’t sign up in a horse race because you don’t have the strength to play on that level.
When you say to God, “I’m sick of this, I can’t handle this”, you are saying, I can’t handle promotion. Because if the footman wore you out, I don’t care how much you admire horses, ain’t no need in you signing up to get into a horse race. Until you master the footman race, you don’t get into the horse race.

And here is the problem, we got people who want promotion without process because the reason they want promotion is because they have no self esteem. So, they need crowd esteem to feel good about themselves. And they think if they get promoted high enough, then people will like them, and then maybe they’ll like themselves. You got it backward! You got to like yourself first. Then you will be excellent at what you are going to do. And then you find greatness when you have maximized smallness.

If you are weary with smallness and you are tired all the time and you can’t focus, what are you going to do with greatness? You’re asking for more and you haven’t mastered less. The Bible said, if you are faithful over few things, then I will make you ruler over many. And you are trying to be ruler over many and you have not been faithful over few.

You are so busy reaching out to your future that you are neglecting what you have been given right now.
You are so busy trying to progress that you are neglecting where you are. That’s not how you process!
You master where you are and then you get promoted to where you are going. You don’t neglect where you are, trying to reach out to where you are going. Because if you are sloppy yesterday, you are sloppy today, then you are going to be sloppy forever more.

If you learn how to do great things in a small place, you are going to do great things in a larger place, and you are going to be great over here. The reason you are not getting the promotion is because you won’t make the practice. You can not play the super bowl, If you do not make the practice.

You can not get the prize for winning the Olympics, if you don’t make the practice.
If you don’t see God’s Glory in rehearsal, you won’t see God’s Glory in recital.
Now, the recital is that wonderful, big, sexy, amazing thing where everybody claps when you perform. And the rehearsal is that private, boring, painful thing where you struggle to get it together and there is nobody there to clap at all.

This is the problem to those of you that are building and believing and really have a purpose and you really feel the pull of destiny, you need to be patient with the process and not enthrall with the promise. You want the accrualments of success, and that’s what is killing you. You compromise the rehearsal time and bought the tuxedo for the recital. Now you look like something that you are not.

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