Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo–Am A Village Girl Helped By God But I Have Cornered God With Worship

Ungrateful people are not bad, they are evil.
IF you will just give God the honour you give to your president, your life will be better. Am a village girl helped by God, but I have cornered God with worship.

I heard a story that a lady was complaining that her hair was too short, her hair is not growing. Somebody just took her hand and drag her off and removed her wig and said, look at my hair, for six years running, a sickness came and scraped everything called hair on my body, including the hair in my nostril. No hair on my head, armpit, private part and you are here complaining that your hair is short.

Do you know what people face?

Remember when it was a quarter to shame, God showed up. Have you thank Him? Can you ever thank God enough?
When you were in that Labour room, they thought it was over. When your back was against the wall, God said no, I still have you. HAVE YOU THANK GOD ENOUGH?

Your mates are in the mortuary awaiting burial.
You think is because you were smart, that’s why you gained admission? Really!
I know a mad man in Nigeria in the city where I live, he used to be a medical doctor.
Do you know what it takes to be a medical doctor? This man almost start naked. When I do my morning work, I see him. I was told that another of his sibling is mad. And you think is your PRAYER. And you are wondering why David life is so blessed, an adulterer. But that man understood how to cook for God. That’s my mind set…..

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