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There are times you will fail obeying God by Apostle Joshua Selman.

Most of us, in our world, we will never be great because of the fear of being alone. There are people who will leave God a thousand times to get friends. There are people who will abort their destiny a thousand times because of acceptance. Our generation has such an obsession for acceptance. Don’t get me wrong. Acceptance is one of the psychology indices for fulfilment.. I understand. Let me tell you sincerely, if it is destiny, there are many times it is at the end than the vision speaks. But you don’t build at the end, you start building alone f○○lishly sometimes as your wisdom unfolds, God now honour’s you.

Once upon a time in this Lagos, there were people who were carrying water “what we call pure water today, it was tied in a nylon”… and someone said “no, water is essential, we can package it in a more intelligent way. Do you know the risk it took? What if they fail? Question: did they fail?

A man who build a hotel with 130 rooms. Question; who signed that I will come and sleep in the hotel?

A pastor who buys a land to build a church, did anybody signed a covenant with him that I guarantee you, midweek service I am there. COURAGE!
Everything you are celebrating today is at the other side of courage.

You know 7up that you take? I’m sure you know how the Name “7up” came. 6 down, seven up. The man failed 6times woefully. He name that product after his result. Today, you drink it, but behind what you are drinking is the pain of a man.

I always wonder why God through the prophet will tell Naaman to go and bath 7times. I later found out that there is something about the law of process that was taught in that miracle. Do you know after Naaman bath 6time, you will thought there will be evidence of cure to encourage him but he was still dirty. 5minutes to your miracle, it may still not look like it. This is a thing about God that you need to understand.

If God gives you the matching order, sustain the courage and the Grace to go. There are times you will fail obeying God. When you fail obeying God, allow the one who takes the Glory to take the shame. You always hear me say this, “if you are the one taking the shame, you have been taking the Glory too”.

When you say, “God take everything “, you mean take both the Glory and the shame. If on account of my hearing, this shame come upon me, take responsibility for my obedience.

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