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The First Time I Saw With My Two Eyes, “1million people, each night on a crusade” –Archbishop Benson Idahosa

In 1985, the Government of Nigeria announced, no more crusade, no more open-air in the whole Nation. I went to my room and knelt down, “Father, what did you say?” and God replied, “Son, what did you say?” and He(God) asked again, “Son, what did you want?” I replied, “I want to hold crusade” and God told me “you can go ahead..”

I sent for Bonnke, “Reinhard Bonnke, I have two big crusades, can you join me?” and he agreed to come. In March 1985, for the first time in my friend’s life, he saw half a million people face to face for 5nights in Ibadan. When the Government said, no more crusade!

In the whole city of Ibadan on Friday, all the mosques closed to come to my crusade. 
I said “Thank you Lord”. God said, “Son, where do you want to go next?” I replied, “Washington of Nigeria, Lagos” and He(God) said, you can do it.

And I printed one and a half million handbills and 50,000 posters and 2000 urshers to distribute it round the whole city of Lagos. That was the first time I saw with my two eyes “1million people every night” in a crusade. When the Government said, no more crusade and God said, Go ahead!

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