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Life Begins After 5pm, We Are Busy Going Home From Work, We Don’t Go To Our Destiny || Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe: Every problem is a business. “sow your seeds in the morning”….you know who wrote this? The richest man that had ever lived. Normally, I will suggest to people “if you want to be successful, don’t take advice from a failure”. This guy was the richest that had ever lived.

Myles Munroe

Listen to the fella. Here is what he say, “sow your seed in the morning and evening, let not your hand be idle“; he tell you why, “because you know not which one might prosper you. Whether this one or that one or both“.

This is good advice. Let me explain what he means. He says in the morning, go to work on your job; In the evening, work on your own business. Do you know that your future is after 5pm? See, you don’t understand. You build your life after you go home, because from 9-5 you don’t own your life.

Think for a minute! You got a 9-5 job, that mean you can not grow between 9-5, you can’t work on your future between 9-5, you have been in someone else’s. You gotta work after 5! After 5 0’clock, start thinking, dreaming, working, developing, why? He says, “In the evening, let not your hand be idle because you know not which one will succeed”. If you only have the morning seed, then, you are in trouble!

You need to go home and start working after 5. Life begins after 5pm; YOUR LIFE.

You can’t build your future by going to bed for 8hours. 8hrs times 7 is 56. That means, you sleep two days every week! Most successful people build their lives while you are sleeping. You see the book that Dr Richard wrote? He did not write them between 9-5. He was probably up late, working on….. Oh my God! To produce a global book, you can’t go to bed 9 0’clock. We are busy going home from work, we don’t go to our destiny.

Be a different person, don’t be a normal person. Let today be the last day, you let TV destroy your life

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