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1. She met him at a Motor Park

2. She was a university student – GREAT IF while he was only a Polytechnic student in Kwara Poly (Remember the discrimination) – she could have snubbed him – but she responded.

3. His friends complained that he was carrying Christianity too zealously as if he was the only Christian – she became zealous

4. He took her to church in 1976 and made her sign an agreement (SAILING UNDERSTANDING SEALED ORDERS) to marry and follow him whether he becomes blind, lame or
handicapped… she signed.

5. Just before he married her, he told her God had sent him to LIBERATE THE Worlds (while he was still hopping between jobs) and went on to resign his job; his elder brother lambasted him, she stuck to him.

6. He told her God had shown him the key to prosperity – she believed.

7. He told her they would build a 50,000 capacity tent and preach the gospel from private jets – she believed her dreamer lover.

8. He was too ‘buoyant’ to afford a hotel room on his wedding eve, he slept in his rickety Volkswagen beetle – she married him.

9. During a moment of insane faith, he ordered a mad man to be put in his car alone with her while she was pregnant; she remained.

10. She saw she was dripping blood while
pregnant and explained to him that she had
a miscarriage, he shouted “It CANNOT
Happen, can I have my food please” – she
served him food.

11. She just had their first baby and there
was no food or money at home. He refused
to borrow or ask or take from church money and they were drinking/eating “CERELAC Baby food’ for 3 days – she ate with him.

12. She came to church one day and saw him so excited with few members while waiting for service to start; he explained to her that service was actually over – she laughed.

13. People kept praying for her and her husband as they seemed to be crazy and needed deliverance-she kept faith.

14. He announced a new Bible school and she knew there was no facility; she asked him and he replied “Is it your school”? She kept quiet.


15. She didn’t know they were going to be
flying in customized jets round the world.

16. She didn’t know he would pastor and
she, co-pastor the largest church auditorium in the world.

17. She didn’t know he would be a father to millions all over the world.

18. She didn’t know he would be hosted by
Presidents and Heads of States of nations.

19. She didn’t know he would be a
Chancellor and Pioneer of one of the best
Private Universities in the world…..and

20. She woke up one day on her sick bed in the USA and unexpectedly saw her hubby who had flown in quietly from Nigeria and had refused to
wake her up…..he was kneeling on the floor by her legs and crying ‘Lord, heal her and prove that you sent me”- She got healed miraculously…mo
re than once!
All she saw was a Man with A BIG GOD inside him.

21. She said to her husband ‘Honey,we need to change the school of this children’. The school is no longer what it used to be.
Parents are complaining and they aren’t
doing anything about it. Her husband
Bishop David Oyedepo responded: Why?
No! She never altered a word after that. She went back to God on her kneels in Prayers.
She prayed: God touch the heart of your son who is my husband. You alone understand this present situation. Let him see reasons with what I am saying. Not up to a day,her husband the Bishop said to her:
Honey,that reminds me.
You made mention of we changing the children’s school,how far have you gone with it? This was a man that said why? no earlier on. She never argued with him but rather went back to her God. Her name is FAITH: Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo.


#You must become dangerously tenacious and audacious to become a force in your world. The kind of audacity that is not a respecter of personality or ethnicity.

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