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The Greatest Problem Of Every Ministry– Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Demonic spirit communicate fast to people’s mind that’s why you think positively sometimes and most of the times you think negatively.

90% of your life is governed by your thinking and and it’s your thought that gives you direction but if you are not led by the flesh and you are led by the Spirit, your thoughts becomes thoughts of God.

Romance 8:4-31

Look at where we are coming from, we are told that the fleshly people groaneth but even some of us that are spirit field also groaneth.

The pain that the unrighteous suffer, we suffer it because of the affliction of the enemy. But we are told in the Bible verse that the affliction we suffer by the enemy is not from the throne of God. Affliction is something the enemy throws on you to afflict you, to cause you destraction in your area of pursuit.

Then infirmity is that pain you find in yourself that you don’t know where it came from; suddenly you wake up and your eyes cannot open, that is infirmity. You wake up one morning and your stomach is twisting about to kill you, that is infirmity. But we are told, if we are in the Spirit, and God himself is in the Spirit, the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead; that Spirit is alive today. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead can quicken your mortal body, it is of great paramount importance that you live above flesh, above the natural dependent and dependability of your skill and flesh.

You have to come to a stage in your life you now pray all you know to pray but after you have prayed all you know to pray, know that: knowing what to pray is not enough to secure the required answer, it is the Spirit, called the Spirit of God. And when the Spirit comes upon your life; what you don’t know how to pray, that Spirit prays it for you with great acceptability from God because the Spirit of God touches the heart of God. The Spirit of God is the heart of God and when the spirit touches you, possess you, come around you, when you don’t know what to pray, when you open your mouth; the spirit sieze the freshly tongue and give you devine utterance. And that divine uttrance suck away, take from you the fleshly fears and defeat.

Through that ability there is creation in your head and that is why you see spirit-filled people as people of many paths because because there is creativity in their head, in their heart and within their being. they are the same people that do not spend too much time in the camp of affliction and pain because immediately that spirit of affliction come upon them; the Spirit of God comes and sweeps away that spirit of affliction and that is why everyone of us must ask God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit so when the Holy Spirit comes and take your tongue you stop praying like this:

Father this thing has been paining me for five years now, I hope one day it will relieve me.

Nooo, the Spirit of God is a spirit of anger against anguish, against rubbish, against anything pertaining of the devices of the wicked. That is why the Bible says everyone should examine themselves. you don’t need to think it will take two years if you drink the holy Communion for your pain to disappear. You just take it and blast in tongues and see it disappear… The greatest problem every ministry have is “I have been in that church now for the past 20 years, I had a problem and nobody came to visit me” they have the Spirit of complaint and not of compliance. The Spirit of complaint will torture anybody at any time, everybody in the church who is well is your enemy because you are sick. It looks as if the Saints gave you the sickness which is from the enemy, but unless you know that your God is not an afflicter but a deliverer. Not only that the spirit cures your infirmity, the spirit prays for you, it directs the prayer that gets to the ear of God because God is not an Igbo man nor an housa man nor a Yoruba man but His language is the language of the spirit. When that holy spirit come on you then you can now ask yourself questions like:

Now that I know God is for me, who can be against me?

What can we then say to all these things; no food, no money to pay rent, business is not working what shall we then say to these things? What can I say to all these things now that I know God is for me?

Now if you know that God is for you and you cannot pay your rent, the Bible says God is the one that supplies all our needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

What do you now say now that you know God is for you? And the hunger, sickness, diseases, poverty are not from God, what do you now say? Ahhh kado kebronse la kunzabe arakaka shakaza lebrede la……

what do you then say?? Now that you know God is for you?? fear is not from God, disappointments are not from God what do you now say? Start whinnying your engine, start warming it because the reason many of you will not be rich is because you are working so hard in the flesh and doing nothing in the spirit and the arm of flesh will fail you, it fails oh yes it does. No matter how you try you say “I don’t know what is happening to my money, what is happening? That is not the right question to ask, the right one is what do I now say to all these things now that I know God is for me? As I usually say, as a daily congested and busy person, I don’t know when God will deliver me from all these projects. I pray in the next 10 years I will be free from projects of the heavy magnitude I am involved in. if you are in the Spirit; it can carry you from the church to face medical center so what I say to myself is “I will build my church, God I am lucky to be a co-laborer with you, it is not my project it is your project.” Because if I don’t do what God wants me to do; He can pick any other person to do the work..

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