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If you have children or you will soon have children, please I beg of you to forgive. Take a good care and make your husband take a good care of his mother. Don’t treats her as though she is nothing. 20years or 25years ago, if you had met your husband, you wouldn’t have been able to trust him with the longest of hope.

It’s this woman that sold kerosene, pap, her gold and gave your husband a life.

……A woman said, I sold everything to train my son and send him to the United State. He got there, graduated from the University and met a young lady, whom he married and the young lady said I’m a witch. Four years running, I have been in tears because she has not allowed me to speak to my son……

Some of you are the reason your husband is not taking good care of their mother. It is not enough for you to just pray, you must consider these.

Some of your mother in-laws are selling fire wood at the age of 86 and when these people now die, you will kill 17 cows and bring the best of musicians, whereas they died in poverty.

Be profitable, so that your prayer will not be hindered. Take care of your mother that was there for you when you were nothing

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