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Brief History Of Living Faith Church

The Ilorin church started in 1984 which was later relocated to Kaduna in the early days.


May 1984 57 worshippers

May 1985 263 worshippers

May 1986 743 worshippers

May 1987 1293 worshippers

May 1988 2062 worshippers

May 1989 2693 worshippers

May 1990 3428 worshippers

These were the record of membership attendance..

The First church in Kaduna began in December, 1983. There were more benches in those days than people in church .

*First WOFBI graduation was held under batcher in 1988*

* Fredrick K.C Price Hall.. 1000 capacity auditorium was built in two weeks, from February 19, 1990-March 4, 1990*

* Crusade held at the Garden of Faith along with Benny Hinn in 1990*

* LAGOS INVASION COMMAN “Get down to Lagos a raise me a people” July 19,1989..*


May 1993 2785 worshippers

May 1994 5410 worshippers

May 1995 13489 worshippers

May 1996 21283 worshippers

May 1997 28306 worshippers

May 1998 29634 worshippers

May 1999 40682 worshipper

First Sunday service at New Era had 250 in attendance, September 24, 1989. By 1993, there was already an overflow of multitudes while the winners chapel auditorium at Capernaum was under construction. Explosive church growth at the Lagos Church attendance increased from 3000+ to 50,000. Every space crowded with people sitting on the roof. The promise land(canaanland wonder) 50,000 seat capacity was completed within 12months. Foundation laying in August 29, 1998. T.L Osborn’s visited before the dedication of Faith tabernacle in August 1999.

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