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What Men Wants From Their Spouses: Sam Adeyemi

Marriage thrives on giving and sacrifice, which are the major characteristics of love

what men wants from their spouses are:

1. A man want his wife physically attractive. A woman need to look good for her husband. Do let things get out of hand, you need to look good since he’s visually stimulated, stimulate him. Dress for him and dress to kill. Kill him at home before they kill him for you outside.

The people that he sees outside walking on the street, he didn’t see them when they woke up, he did not see them when their hair was scattered. By the time he sees them…it is finished..the foundation has been laid, the super structure has been added to it..roofing, interior and exterior decoration have been added to it by the time he sees the people outside. And you, he sees you when you wake up. The point is you don’t have to stay that way. Take time and do the grooming for him. Whatever he says he likes, fantastic! I can’t but also speak to the men, if you want her to look good, you can’t cut her down with your words. The dress alone can’t do it, you need to nurture her with your words, but words too is not enough, looking good respond to cash! Before you compare her to somebody else, go and buy it.

2.  A man wants a wife that will make love to him frequently.

3. A man likes respect and admiration : many men complain that their wife do not respect them. And I have discovered that most of the times, essentially because of the way the women talk to their husbands. And women most times do not mean to disrespect their husbands. An average woman believes that if nobody else will tell her husband the truth, she should. A man wants a woman who will see him as a hero because a man is designed with a little bit of ego. It is better for a man to be respected at home than for him to be respected outside.

4. A man wants a wife who is interested in his hobbies. For some of us men, sometimes I think it is relaxing to watch sports. If he likes it, if it inspires him or if he gets some entertainment from it, the best thing to do is to let him enjoys it and support him in the enjoyment. I know sometimes some of the sport men are crazy about are confusing to women.

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