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What Women Wants From Their Spouses: Sam Adeyemi

What women wants from their spouses are:

1. Sensitivity:

Sensitivity to the fact that she is a woman, her make up is completely different from yours.


2. Affection:

Expression of love, romance through different ways. Love has to be communicated and sometimes women are inhibited in expressing emotion


3. Financial and emotional security :

The word security is a big word for a woman. Financial security also means a man should not be lazy. The wife want to know that her man is doing everything he can.


4. Conversation

A woman also want conversation from her husband. A woman needs a man who is honest and open. Women can have a lot of secrets and a lot of times the men dont realise that it is for our own sake that we should be open to our wives and tell them everything.


5. A man who put his family first .

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