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When I Saw Death Face To Face, I Did Not Wait For Prayer– Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Faith is standing on the integrity of God’s word. Faith is not just “I believe”, faith is behaving what you believe.

I read God’s word and I saw Himself took my infirmities. I said, if Jesus took, then how can I say i have what He took?

My eyes were yellow, and I found it difficult to walk. Whenever I walk, there are two persons by my side and I will be gasping for breathe. Every part of my body you touched was painful.

A consultant came to me and lifted my eyes and shook his head (that means, he was saying your case is hopeless).

I sat with the word and I saw “Matthew 8:17…Himself took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses”

I said ”ha ha..He can not say He took and I say i have”, then I must be lying. If He took it, then, I don’t have what He took.
Nobody layed hands on me..
Great men prayed for me as at that time, I did not get healed..

Not the man’s problem, it was my problem. But when I saw death face to face, I did not wait for prayer. I sat with the Bible and said “Himself took”

Took is took and I can’t have what He took. That was the last day sickness ended.

Today, everybody that believes the word, that He took… that sickness leaves you right now in the Name of Jesus.. If He took it, you can’t have it!

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