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You Can Not Have A Heart For God And Not Have Time For Him– Bishop David Oyedepo

The church of Christ is the strongest human institution on the earth. I have never needed any body encouragement in the faith, I’m 50years old in the faith.. We never had time for honey moon when we got married.

In those days, you don’t get a dime going anywhere to preach… You just sow your life as a seed. I caught this madness when I was 22. This madness has kept on decorating my life with all part of peace and blessings. Blessings that pursues you and overtake you..

You can not have a heart for God and not have time for him. For wherever a man treasure is, that’s where his heart will be also. You don’t have time for God, is a raw proof that you don’t have a heart for God.
Is not your position, is where your heart is..
Is not the size ofyour business, is where your heart is..

Without a heart for God, the struggles for life are unlimited. Not everybody occupies any high position is alive. Most of them are merely existing. They live in fear day and night because there is a vacuum in their life.

Is not saying my heart is there, is proving my heart is there.

Show me any child who ignores the instructions of God, and i will show a man who is heading for frustration first, and devastation next…. you won’t be a victim!

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