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Why Christianity Becomes A Burden To Some Believers || Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman: No matter what else you learn, if your love for God does not supercede your obsessions for pleasure and convenience, you can not be mighty with God.

We live in a world where our convinience is greater than our love and pursuit for God. When a woman goes to a labour room, you can see the woman crying. It is within her power to get tired one day and say listen, I have made my contribution to this baby, I’m tired. But is because she love the baby more than her condition.

Have you seen what pregnancy does to an average woman? It will change everything about her(oh..I want to eat food that has smoke smelling..and then they bring it and the person says I have changed my mind, I want something else).

But in all of that, what she’s carrying as painful as it is, is worth the process. Most believers complains because your love for Jesus is not strong enough to sponsored and provide the staying power whether through storms, through rain, through whatever it is.

When the man goes out to struggle and bring something back home, even if he returns with scars, he’s happy that his family can feed. And just seeing the joy that he’s able to meet the needs of those he love, will be more than every embarrassment and every suffering he went through.

Everything Jesus becomes a luggage and a load, check what else has taken His place. Everytime the pursuit of the faith life becomes an inconvenience(coming to the house of God, loving Jesus, Prayer, Fasting, the word of God, Corporate fellowship) the moment it becomes a burden, I want you to check, something is wrong.

You know the absence of passion by the emergence of excuses. The moment there is no passion and drive, you will have excuses(am busy).

You can’t pray, you can’t fast, you can’t study the word of God, you can’t spend time with him…Something is wrong with your love life!

You will always have time for what you love..

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