Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo


Your marriage can not be exactly like another person’s marriage. Build your own. Invest time in your marriage. Love is just a feeling. Don’t marry just because of love, and like any emotion, it degenerate with time. Particularly if it is not invested into.

So, we keep investing into our marriages. My husband keeps telling me, “I love you” before he drops the phone. It’s intentional…we keep putting in effort. At that point, it is friendship that sustains the marriage.

Make sure you build friendship in marriage. You will need it in the evening of your life, when the generator starts packing up, when you can no longer have sex everyday, even if you want to, your physical body will tell you calm down. It is friendship that sustains marriage at that time.

Winners are only declared in the ring, they are not made in the ring. This is the time to start building the friendship if you are in marriage.

You can not just be in the living room as a married couple 5yrs, 2yrs, 1yr, 13yrs of marriage and one is sitting here and the other is sitting there.
And the man is busy watching arsenal VS barca, and he’s screaming…what are you doing madam? Come close to him, pillow your head on his chest. At the back of your mind, you are building friendship. Out of site is out of mind.

I had to by force be watching football, I had to by force be watching my husband as he plays table tennis. I can’t really play, maybe I can only serve but if you are playing with my husband and I am there, I will somuch distract you till you lose. Because I am trying to pass a message to my husband that, “I believe in you”, just to register my presence in his hubby..

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  • Rev'd.'Bayo Oloyede

    Keep the good work.

    • I been married for for 12 years 6 months and my husband and I dated for 6 years total is 18 years+
      But my husband has not been putting time in the marriage.
      I been the only one putting time in the marriage.
      After having Three children my husband is telling me we should separate because he got involved with another relationship.
      Because of this I got I’ll psychologically but recovering little by little.
      He stop teaching the word of God because I told the pastor to pray with us.
      So what is it I can do I am confused.


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