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Apostle Joshua Selman: Do you know why most of our children today do not love God? Because the dept of passion they see comes from their parents and so if they see a father and a mother and leaders who are not serious about God, giving excuses, that becomes their template too.

When a child sees his father rolling before God everyday, one day that child will come and roll with you even if he does not know what you are doing.

You may not understand what you are doing now till the next 10-15yrs, there will rise a generation that will not honour God. May God forbid! Let it not be that it is in our life time we will see shrine return back to homes, not just villages.

For some of you, you need to suspend ministry activities for a while and go back to the altar. This deception of invitation and open door can dry you spiritually.

Oh…am doing ministry, exploits, am travelling from Nation to Nation. Isaiah was doing ministry when there was a call in heaven, “who shall go for us?” Whereas on earth, there was ministry going on. When people clap and say Joshua Selman, you are busy, you go from place to place, I just smile and respectfully say, “God bless you”. When I return back with God, I say, “I reject deception. Oh God, your boy is here from where you found me, may I ever remain there”

Right from the place of His presence, He can honour you to bless the Nations.

See, satan will give you ministry open doors a thousand times, if it will cost you His presence. Not every open doors is anointed. There are some doors you have to shut down intentionally..

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