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Apostle Johnson Suleman ||Don’t Blame Your Helpers, Blame Your Alters. Some Of You Are Blaming People Out There

Apostle Johnson Suleman : I’ve been privileged by God. I have preached the Gospel in 141 countries, I have done crusades around Africa. I’ve been to places people have not done crusade at all. I’ve preached in Europe and there is one thing I found out whenever I see Africans there, I see alters….

There are people today, who are labouring, struggling but there is an alter that have placed a limit on them. Many of you, if you look at your family, you see a pattern. Don’t take your eyes off it, you have to handle it. This thing has no respect for climate, even if you have to go to London, America. It’s waiting there because it’s spiritual.

I was in a certain country, there was a lady who gave birth nine times without seeing the babies. She will go into labour, she will push, before the nurse will talk, they will not see the baby. She pushed out the baby, they heard the cry of the baby but where is the baby? Nine times!

And by prophecy, I said someone who is carrying her tenth pregnancy and this is eight months and three weeks and you are about to give birth. Your husband said, he’s not interested because nine times, the baby disappeared. She screamed and came out!

When she was telling her story, I cleaned my ears. And SOMEBODY tells you, spiritually, it’s not real….

Don’t wait to be a victim before you roar. Don’t wait to be a victim before you cry out. Being born again gives you a platform to confront powers. It doesn’t eradicate their operation.

A man met me and he said to me, “please speak over my life, I have a candidate in my country who is running for president. I want him to win”.
I said, “Okay.. I can’t embark on a project that I did not ask God question. If he’s going to lose, there is no need to pray. So let’s ask God first”.

So when we went to pray, and the Lord said the man is going to win. So, I told the man that his candidate is going to be the president. He said “Amen”.
Then I said, the problem is not the man, the problem is you. There is something covering you. Good people can’t help you. He said, “forget about me, pray for my candidate”. I said let’s talk, he said “No”, forget about me.

I prayed, months later his candidate won. I did not visit that country until three years. It’s an African Nation.
When I got there, he came unkempt.
I ask him, “what is the problem?”,
he said “my candidate won. I want to first thank God. But since he won, he has refused to see me”.
I said “oh..really, that’s nice”
He said “what is nice?” You told me to forget about you!

He started showing me pictures, “This is when he came to eat in my house, this is when we were together in the car. But now, the man doesn’t want to set eyes on me”

I told him, “its not the man”.

I have said before, don’t blame your helper, blame your alters.

There are powers that are against you. We prayed!
Three weeks after I left, he said he was privileged to be around and he spoke to somebody and they told him the president was going to be in a function. So, he strategically positioned himself close to the entrance.

When the president entered, he called him the name they use to call him before he became the president. So, the man turned, “where have you been? He said mister president “where have I been? I sent you messages, you worn me not to send you message again. The president said, “me…how.. where have you been? He held the man by the hand.

The security tried to stop him, the president said, “This is my friend”. And he took him in. He asked again, “where have you been?”. He said they should give him a seat and they did. And he also gave him a car and his private number. He said this particular number, always call it. Don’t call the one you used to have.

The man called me in the night. He said, “sir, am seeing the president tomorrow. I don’t know what you did, please do it again”.
I said I don’t know what I did There is nothing I did than to identify that there is power that is fighting you.

Some of you are blaming people out there. Don’t blame anybody. Blame what is fighting you.

Let’s pray ; Lord, you have my permission, go into my family, destroy every evil patterns

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