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Apostle Johnson Suleman || Ways To Continually Overcome Satan.

Apostle Johnson Suleman: You know weed in the farm? If you pull out all the seed this week, next week, it grows again. That’s why you should continually renew your heart with the WORD of God. The sin you conquer yesterday, Satan is not going to rest. The Bible say “He left Jesus for a seasom”, He doesn’t go permanently.

You say “Satan, I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus. At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow”.
He did not say every knee shall die,  He said every knee shall bow. They are still alive. They will bow, goes away and wait when there is an opportunity and they will come back.
What you have to do is to keep binding.

So, when you hear people say “you demon, I bind you, I cast you into the bottomless pit”
 You can’t cast any demon to the bottomless pit. Is only after the rapture, that’s when they will go to the bottomless pit. It’s only God, that can finally cast them.

Another bottomless pit is HELL. It is at the end of time, they will go there. For now, it is not yet time

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