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Steps to succeed in life by Apostle Joshua Selman.

We have to pay attention to our lives, to our conviction and to the things we think about, because it has alot to do with the manifestation of our reality, and the word of God keep challenging us to order our thought aright.

If you want to succeed in life, your thoughts must be cultured, it must be governed. Your life revolves around your most dominant thought, your life becomes eventually a reflection of your conviction.

The meditation, the contemplations and the content of your heart are responsible for your success in life. According to psalm 19:14, the meditation of your heart that leads to the words of your mouth can decide your success in life.

Many people have not been taught that their mindset, their thoughts are largely responsible for the quality of their lives.

We must realize that not everything about a man’s failure is tied to the devil. Many of us don’t have the kind of mental state that will afford the holy spirit to birth in us the things that will create a glorious destiny.

There is no man that wins the Olympics by mistake, there is no such thing as success by mistake, it must be intentional so you need to upgrade your mindset.

When we come to God, we don’t come so that he add to our faulty mindset, we open up our spirit and we ask him to edit that everything that is not in the pattern of Christ must be removed even if it is culturally correct.

Our mindset are formed from the level of our exposure, so the word of God exposes us to the possibility that exist so that by faith we open up ourselves and tap into that possiblity.

Our past might not be good experiences but we have allowed it to become part of the walls in our mind, that makes us feel that we are failures, to believe that we cannot do much.

Please don’t allow your past to rob you the opportunity of making Jesus proud.

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