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Apostle Joshua Selman — Outcome Of Building Your Christianity On Things

The side effect if your christianity is built on only wanting Things by Apostle Joshua Selman.

Anytime you come before the God of heaven, you don’t come before him as one of the many gods or as one of the many deities, you come to God based on the belief that you are coming to meet the living God, the only God that sees and hears.

There are many things the bible tells us that God is, the bible tells us that God is Love, God is light, and so many more, but apostle Paul tells us that God is a rewarder.

When God name himself after a dimension, it means that there are dimensions that can be captured in the experience of a believer forever. In the ancient times, when they saw God move in a certain way, they will name God after that dimension, and that name will become a memorial that God can also do this.

It is safe, it is not unscriptural, it is not inconsistent with the Christian practice to know God as a rewarder. Rewarder is his name, it is not just what he does, that is what he is, because rewarder goes beyond what you do, to what you are. It matters alot if we know God as a rewarder.

We live in a world where the motivation generally for believers is in two fold. The first one are those who just seek God for things, their entire scope for their Christian pursuit is just for things.

If your Christian experience is only built on wanting things, the side effect is that you can never be separated from a life of worrying, and worrying is the consequences of being excessively concerned with what to eat, what to wear.

The second set of people are people who refuses to receive, because, they are attempting to show their love for Jesus Christ, and they equally want Jesus to know how selfless they are.

Refusing to receive that which God gives is like fighting against his fatherhood. We are never called to reject the givings of God, we are never called to frown at the possibilities of God rewarding us, we are only called to prioritize our loving him, more than receiving from him.

When your Christian experience is entirely motivated by receiving from him, you are not wrong, but you are not yet complete. If your Christian experience is also motivated by loving Jesus, and when his blessings comes, you push it away, you are not yet complete, so love God and wait patiently for his rewards

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