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Importance of night prayers by Apostle joshua Selman.

In strategic prayer,the seasons of attack in a believer’s life or a season of pruning and making there are seasons of deep spiritual emphasis. There are seasons of prayer and intercession, that’s not the time to pray morning and evening,That’s the time to pray anyhow and anytime because you are in a season. Your anchor will be your prayer. You have your prayer time in the morning, you have your prayer time in the evening but every time is prayer time.

Prayer is a powerful weapon in all seasons but especially this season. God grant you grace you can add with fasting. This spiritual laziness of eating anyhow anytime must stop. Many believers now fast as a ceremony,three days fasting they carry it on their head as if is twelve years fasting. If you love food note than your destiny,life will cheat you again and again. Food is good oo but you must learn to show food that your spirit man has grown above it. There are spiritual levels that if you get to a week should never pass that you didn’t fast,you are joking.

Real victory in prayer is gotten while men sleep. Real victory is not gotten shouting around, just making noise. Real men of power contact power when men sleep. Maybe God give you the grace to rise above sleep, may God give you the grace to not allow sleep cheat you,that God can wake you up in the night. Off the light you are praying don’t give room to distractions.
You are in the night alone and watch what happens, nobody is seeing what you are doing but there is a register you are signing. It is the day you get to the stage to preach thats when God will not disappoint you. please learn to pray in the night. Receive grace to dedicate night times and pray. Turn everywhere in your house to a prayer altar. A time will come when you will get up and say Satan you are a liar,I am going far. A time will come your tongue begins to change what you are saying will not be what you started with. You have entered a level in the spirit.

Tongues are languages and there are levels of power contact, you will get to a point where there are times that only one word,one phrase will come out of ur mouth for minutes while receiving power.

Prayer is not something you do in a group so that people will see you and think you are a prayer warrior,don’t joke with your destiny like that. You don’t need to have a prayer point,just stay there and begin to pray and while you are praying your flesh is weak but your spirit is willing.

Life is an emblem of the spirit,its one of the emblem of revival, its one of the emblems that showed that the spirit is in a place. Fire does not only refine, fire is a judgment. There are times you need to stay like a priest. If you pray from your heart something will shift, you will wake up in the morning and know that you shifted this through prayer. There are attacks that only prayer can challenge but you must become the priest of your destiny. This is the wrongest time to be prayerless. There are things to shift in the realm of the spirit, there are scores to settle in the realm of the spirit. I need to legislate spiritual realities, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, outside PRAY.

Prayer gives you stamina to pass through seasons, Jesus prayed otherwise you would have given up. Prayer is a strengthener, prayer gives you stability. Lord let this prayer stabilized me, I shouldn’t be shaking over everything. I should be able to laugh at certain stuffs and say,Jesus is Lord. PRAY,STABILITY,POWER,STAMINA, be strong in the lord,don’t be weak. Be strong in the lord and in the power of his night. Don’t entertain weakness. You are not the weak ones you are strong.

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