Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman–Tattoo, Dressing And Character Of Christ

Apostle Joshua Selman: To the Revivalist, Apostles, both manifesting now and in the making. Do not allow anyone or anything discourage you. Some of you are very stubborn. God will still use you but not that version of you. You need to repent.

Some of you who think it doesn’t matter… A gentle man send me a text and said what do I think about tattoo? If you have it before you were born again, there is nothing that can happen but if by the time you are born again, you still want to do all of these things, then it is wrong. See, all things are lawful but not all things are beneficial.

In the kingdom, is not all about sinfulness and righteousness. There are times, it is about fool!sh and wise. There were 10 virgins and yet as virgins they still suffered because 5 were fool!sh and 5 were wise.

If I draw a mouse on my head and I come to preach and I say is my life, is not your business. Will you believe if I’m praying for you? Let’s not say this things does not matter and keep making a f00l out of ourselves.

Some of you need to change your dressing. Take away some of these demonic things out of your life and become a genuine Christian indeed. And please don’t tell me it doesn’t matter.

This “it doesn’t matter” is the devil trap to destroy our generation.
It’s not only prayer..
It’s not only fasting..
It’s not only rhema..
Even the devil has revelation. He used it on Jesus.

We are talking about the uprightness and character of Christ. That when someone look at you, they don’t say you are a Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo or where are you from. The life of Christ should swallow you so much.

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