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Apostle Michael Orokpo || How God Chose To Bless People

Apostle Michael Orokpo: 2 Timothy 2:6 The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops.

The Way God create the sequence of blessing people, is not by favouring some over others. Because many people are waiting and they are thinking that the favour of God will take them to the front, and they will overtake everybody. He’s telling you, that’s not how God works. There is a system favour obeys. If you want to be the first to be blessed, He says you must be the one who invest more into the product when it is still in the ground. Because at the end of the day, when time for harvest come, a stranger won’t come and harvest first. He says, it is the one who labour over it, that will harvest first.

See now, we are saying a revival is coming. There are many people labouring in prayer, there are so many labouring in soul winning, there are so many labouring in giving their resources for that revival to come. When the boom happens and God begin to captains, some strangers will come that time and say “God will favour them” and they won’t know why God will choose some people and insist on them. It is His justice system!

They were the ones who laboured when the seed was in the ground. And so, when God wants to bless, they will be the first to be blessed.
So, God does not bless people first because He loved them. If He does that, He will be bias. And the Bible said, God does not favour any man above the order. So, the system of the Kingdom that provokes overtaking, is the labour that you put in. It is in the context of the life of the farmer, that this mystery is revealed.

So, when ten people goes somewhere and God blesses one in the first year, and the second third and fourth, blessed in the seventh year, is because of the time they invested. God won’t boycott it. The one who invested first and invested more, is the first to be blessed.

There are many people in the church, they are doing eye service. You will waste your time. The general overseer may put his hand on your shoulder, tap you.. it won’t take you anywhere.
After few years, he will forget you and start tapping somebody else. But the one who is labouring in the spirit, his horn will be exalted. Is a law in the spirit.

You are on your job, you say “my uncle is a CEO”, be joking, when others are investing labour, a day will come, your uncle may love you but because the business must thrive, your uncle will favour somebody else over you because if he gives you that position, the plane will crash.

It is in the context of a farmer you begin to understand how God works. That means those who God blesses first are those who labour more and labour first. IF YOU KNOW THIS, THEN YOU WILL PUT YOUR SHOES ON and you start labouring so that tomorrow, you wont be the last to be blessed incase you wake up and say “the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first”. You are joking!

The reason you will be last, because you were first, because you did not labour, you will be last. That’s what the Bible is saying.

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