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Be Careful Who You Marry || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: For those of you who are single and not married. Don’t let anybody pressure you to marry. Because no matter the calling of God and the hand upon your life, who you marry can either ignite your fire or extinguish it.

That the person is fire brand today, doesn’t qualify the person for your future. Have a long term mentality when you observe people.

When women start buying property in their name. There are some women now, all God will do is just to test them with small money, to see how they will treat their husband. When you have no money, this man stood by you, now you have money, you hangout with friends. God is testing you. When God withdraw that thing and give it to that man.

Why did God spare Job’s wife? To take care of Job. God has just bless some women with small money now, the husband is now like trash to them. You are proud because you are the bread winner.

There are times God will give you, a blessing as a lady to check how you will treat your spouse. To check if you are still going to be humble.

I know some men are going to say, “hennhenn”. I’m not empowering laziness but am trying to let you know, as a woman, God will open your door, to see how you will treat people. How many people will collect their salary, and walk to their husband and say this is how much I collected?

There are women that God blesses and they tell the man, this is how much God brought for us.

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