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One Of The Way Satan Destroy People And Make Them Abort Their Destiny || Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman: There are people you should not allow yourself fight with. Swallow your pride and say sorry. They are too important to allow ego push them out of your life. You will suffer in a way, it looks as if God doesn’t exist.

There are many people today who are ordained for greatness but lack of this wisdom has denied them.  One of the way the devil destroy people and makes them abort their destinies.

When Satan wants to attack you, the first thing he does is to scan around your spiritual environment, who is strong enough, loving enough to bail you out. He will create something between you and them and cut you away from them. As at the time it’s happening, you will not know that the goal is not that conflict, the goal is an eventual attack on your life or your business.

When he uses your dishonour to cut you away from every person, then he now attacks you, because in your pride you may not be able to rush and go back again. And so you stay there.

Pick a hot coal from fire and drop it. Don’t pour water, don’t do anything. What happen to it? It starts going down. The fire is because of their togetherness.

There are some people, as soon as they got a job, the Holy Spirit spoke to them; make sure you listen to your pastor. And you say what do I listen again and you are just laughing. The devil is planning to attack you and he make you to downplay the relationship God has connected you to.

When Hagai left home. Hagai left home in anger and she was right because Sarah was jealous and angry. When the Lord met her in the desert, He told her, go back and submit to your mistress. God…didn’t you see the shouting and headache she was giving me? He(God) said if you want to prosper, go back, submit yourself to her.

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