Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo


Some people suffer from separation anxiety. They must never be single. That means at every point in time in their life, they must have a relationship.

They don’t understand that some times when God wants to mature you, when God wants to train you and build you, He needs to separate you. You can’t do a major surgery with all your friends lying on the bed with you. Am I correct? Only you have to be there.

So, God needs you to sometimes say, “hey…you need to be single enough for me to make you complete so you can marry. You are too broken, I need to do a surgery on you”.

But some people will say; no no no. They must always have a relationship. Some people would rather have a bad relationship than have no relationship. They are so afraid of being single. So anybody that comes, they will accept until  they find the real person they are waiting for.

It’s okay to be alone. Because sometimes you need to be alone for God to work on you, for you to even discover yourself. Because it is important to first discover yourself before you discover your spouse. Many people don’t know this. You must know yourself. When you know yourself, it helps you choose, who you can marry.

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