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When It Looks As If 2+2 Is Not Equal To 4 || Rev. Funke Felix Adejumo

Remember the past faithfulness of God. When you are cornered, when it looks as if 2+2 is not equal to 4. Remember the past faithfulness of God.

1 Samuel 17:37, the God that delivered you from the mouth of the beer and the lion. When Saul threw the javelin, the God that showed up, remember!

There are people that eat your food and they don’t praise you. It is what they are eating now they remembered. Ungrateful people are evil, they are not just wicked, they are evil.

Don’t because of what you are going through now, you begin to call God all sort of names(God, I don’t understand, do you still hear prayers, God where are you). Be careful!

Don’t be a backboneless believer, if it doesn’t go your way…then? It’s part of your growth.
Remember His past faithfulness:
*when you fell from okada, you didn’t die..that panadol you took, you think it’s normal for things to be normal? Some people took panadol and for 5years, it didn’t dissolve.(a true life story). That you took that medicine and it worked, it’s a praise for it.

There are some of your mate that doesn’t know the wall of a school. And because your school fees wasn’t ready on time, you want to backslide.. Backslide and go to hell!

You have not backslided, you are still serving God, see what you are battling. Oya backslide! Next thing, you begin to blackmail God, “if you don’t do this by December”. He’s God.

We are privilege to have anything from Him. Let’s be thankful.

*Remember when it was a quarter to shame, He showed up..
*Remember when it didn’t look like it, He showed up..
*When they said you can’t make it, God showed up..

Why have you forgotten so quickly, because if what you are going through? Life is a coat of many colours.

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