Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo


There are four person that should be considered as the most important persons in your life.

The first most important person in your life is God, God is the most important person you should have in your life and you equally need a relationship with him, so if you are not born again, please try and give your life to Jesus because he is the best thing that can happen to anybody, and if you are not saved by giving your life to Jesus, you are not saved.

If you are a born again Christian, it is important that you cultivate a very dynamic spiritual life because a spiritual spiritual life that is dynamic, is not a gift, rather it is cultivated, so have a great walk with the lord, because when you have a great walk with God, you will begin to find out all the plans he has for you, you will realize that where you are now, is not where God wants you to be, so walk with God.

The second most important person in your life is you, you are very important, don’t believe what people around you are saying, because God did not create you to waste you, so make up your mind to live to the fullest.

The third most important person in your life is your family, if your Christianity does not work at home, don’t try to export it, so it is very important to invest in your family and Marriage.

The fourth thing that is important in your life, is a your career, because your career is very important.

Ladies, your father did not send you to school To be a full time house wife, so start doing something with your life.

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