Mistakes Women Make In Marriage|| Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo

You must learn to respect your husband, the same way you would respect your pastor. He is your own pastor at home.

  1. THINKING THAT YOU ARE THE PROJECT: I understand what it is like to get married and think everything will be about you because from the beginning, the man chased you, you felt like a Princess. You made it difficult, sometimes he would call, you won’t pick your call…he is doing all the chasing, taking you out to dinner, sending you love notes, he is doing everything he can to get you.
    Most men are project driven, so the reason why he was so invested, chasing you is because you were the project. So now, he has moved on to other projects: making money, getting a promotion at work, having babies, providing for the babies, building his house; there are many other projects. You were just one of the projects, he has achieved that project. He has ticked that box and has moved on. I know it is hard to hear but it is the truth.

Solution: Quit nagging about, “you don’t call me anymore, you don’t check up on me anymore, you don’t tell me I’m beautiful” and join him in achieving his other projects.
If you want to stay relevant in a man’s life, you have to be in his face.
The Bible says that Adam had work, then God sent the woman to be a helpmeet (Genesis 2:15-18). He needed a helper that was suitable for him and adaptable to him; a helper that was comparable to him.
Get interested in the things He is interested in, join him in achieving the next project.

Marriage is never about what you can get. It is always about what you can give…thinking you are the sole reason why marriage was set up; it is going to be a huge disappointment on you and cause you to get depressed.

  1. SUPPORTING THE WRONG DECISION: You should be the voice of reason in your husband’s life.
    “He is my husband, what am I to do?”:
  • Your husband wants to kill somebody, will you follow him?
  • Your husband wants to steal, will you follow him?

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