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How To Make The Anointing Work For You || Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman: Many years ago, I was in a conference and a man of God shared this story. What was the story? That in a church like this, the man of God and his wife, things were not happening in their life at all. Favor zero in their family. Yet, in the church doors were opening. People will come and testify…

You see, the anointing upon you does not work for you, until you humble yourself the same way a member humble themselves, that’s the only reason the anointing will work on you. The anointing that is upon your office does not respond to you just because you are the carrier. No!

The tankers that carries fuel, he does not fuel it from the tanker, it must cue too to receive the fuel even though it’s the tanker carrying the fuel.

So, don’t you say, I’m carrying the anointing, it will work for me. I listen to my own messages and I get down on my knees and I lift my hands, when that man of God is prophesying…

How could you be excelling in church and at home things were going down. One day, he was in service and the man of God wife stood up and went out. People were wondering, even the man of God was concerned. He finished the service very quickly and rushed home.

Honey, what is wrong? Did I say something on stage and she said nothing. He sat down at the table to eat. And the next thing, she came to serve his meal and he noticed the trail has changed. He said what is all this, we have been married for years, please bring food for me..

And she brought a different kind of cup. She brought everything until she drop the last item and she got down on her knees, she said; servant of God, my home is in trouble. The man of God said, suddenly, the same anointing he felt on the pulpit, came and he laid hands. This is his wife….

She said I have not been enjoying the grace upon this man of God because all he has been to me is my husband.

All men are multidimensional. The part you relate with, is the part that blesses you.
If you relate with your brother alone…the man of God can be a prophet, but the only thing you will get from him as a brother is stories about how the family is fairing. That is a brother reward.

How many people are making maximum impact around the globe and yet some of the closest people to them only know them as friends, colleagues, classmates, tribesmen.

Relationships are powerful but beware of the dimensions you are relating with. Relate with all the possible dimensions invested in that person that makes for your glory.

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