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Caution For Singles, If You Want Your Relationship To Have A Future-‘ Dr Paul Enenche

Maintain the purity of the marriage bed.
A marriage that would have a future must have the bed undefiled. When people have sex before marriage, they produces three (3) harvest;

  1. Lost of Dignity.
    Your values drops in the eyes of the man, in the eyes of the woman..
    “If you are a real man, why couldn’t you hold yourself..”
    “Girl, you are so cheap like that, I haven’t married you, yet I have had you”

Pre-marital sex lowers respect and dignity.

  1. It Increases Mutual Suspicion.
    When you did the illegal with the person you haven’t married, there is mutual suspicion, “Are you sure is his office you are coming from?”. “let me see your phone, who texted you”

For one reason or the other, at the back of the mind, this man that could do this thing with you when he didn’t marry you, are you sure he couldn’t do it with any other person?….. Mutual suspicion!

  1. Extramarital Tendency.
    The seed of extramarital sex, many times will produce a harvest of extramarital issues. Where somebody is in the home but still looking outside..

Pardon me, people can be tempted. That’s not what am referring to…

The one am referring is, the person that have this seed in his body, a harvest that was planted before marriage..

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  • Lukatula Mirriam

    Thank you for the powerful words,but I want to be receiving more of such words..


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