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Dress Code In The Church And Why I’m Against It || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: There are people who commit sin of the Spirit, but don’t commit the sin of the flesh and they think they are free.. That’s why I start telling people when they came up with this mentality that holiness means you have to cover your hair, body and all that.. No, that’s a dress code!

In as much as I’m against people who comes to the house of God or the church looking so unkept as if, it is a club..
Coming to the house of God with all the tight outfit, body revealing clothe… That’s so wrong!

People should come to the house of God and sense reverence. Also, we should understand also that somebody is pious, doesn’t make the person pure.

There are people that dont do all that;
They don’t put up make up..
They don’t wear jewelries and all that.. but they keep malice, they have a very terrible temper..

You are avoiding the sin of the flesh but you are a victim of the sin of the Spirit.

Have you noticed the sins that take people to hell or the work of the flesh, when the Bible begin to list them; Envy, pride

I believe if we should appear well, all covered. We are doing that so we can win our neighbour, so that someone doesn’t get tempted…
That’s why people should appear well, so that a person who is coming to the house of God does not get tempted by your appearance.

When you talk about purity and holiness, it is your walk with God.

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One thought on “Dress Code In The Church And Why I’m Against It || Apostle Johnson Suleman

  • Julius oponoi

    Am blessed with message, what I great and touching, this should be shared and help this generation, they don’t see antil they are told. Man of God you are super good, more grace.


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