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Don’t Start A Courtship Relationship Too Early, If You Are Not Ready To Marry Within A Short Time– Dr Paul Enenche

Don’t start courtship relationship too early, if you are not ready to marry within a short time.

You are in SS2 or year one in the University and you are saying you are looking for life partner.. For what? Except you want to marry that man while you are schooling which is a possibility. Otherwise you enter courtship 4 years, 5years, 6years. Is it a PHship? And it has complications. Relationship are highly emotionally demanding.

If you are in the school and your mind is congested with issues of a man or a woman and of cause, if you are not careful, very soon you will fall into sin. One thing you should know about the human physiology, is that there is a voluntary part and an involuntary part to the relationship that happens between a man and a woman.

There is a level where it is voluntary(holding of hands). A level comes where what we call the autonomy nervous system(the sympathetic and parasympathetic) takes over.. That’s why you see some people say, I didn’t know what came over me, before I knew it, something happened…

You put yourself in the place where your involuntary nervous system took over. Involuntary nervous system controls the heartbeat, that’s why you are not aware that your heart is beating, it controls the beating rate.

Everyday you are looking at each other. Start with holding of hands, and then it moves and then the bed is defiled and then the future is denied.

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