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Dr. Myles Munroe || How My Life Was Transformed

Myles Munroe: I was born in a family of eleven(11) children, I’m number six(6). I was born in a wooden house on four(4) big rocks for keeping the wooden house from being underground. These wooden house had two bedrooms and another room that served as kitchen, dinning, sitting room all in one. One bedroom was for my mother and father, while the other bedroom was for my seven(7) sisters. Myself and my three(3) brothers had to sleep on the wooden floor and mosquitoes was our best friends.

I remember many times, we couldn’t sleep because of the mosquitoes and we live that way but we were very happy because we didn’t know we were poor. I remember our father and mother telling us we must learn the Bible, no matter how difficult life became and they will teach us from the Bible about God and about Jesus Christ and about His sacrifice for our sins. As kids, we grew up with those conditions, as you grow up, you began to ask yourself some questions, ”why are we poor?” because you began to see other people lifestyles.

I remember crying to God at age 13, telling Him that if you exist, you better speak to me and explain this to me. It was at age 13 my life was transformed because that night at 3am under the stars of Bahamas with tears running down my face, asking God to explain to me why we were poor..

His answer was simple, He said, because of your mind.

That began a journey for me, I surrender my life to God that night at age 13 and I never went back. At age 14, I wrote on paper everything I wanted to be and to do. Something happened from sleeping on the floor and flying my own jet. What happened is, I had a mental transformation. Nothing changes until your mind changes. 
You can change your clothes but still of the old mind. 
You can change your location but still of the old mind. 
You can change your house and still of the old mind. Nothing changes until your mind changes!

During that journey as a young man, I began to read the Bible at age 14, I read through the entire book and didn’t understand anything. I read the Bible because I wanted to know what God said to man. When I was 15 years old, I read the Bible again completely through and I began to understand it. By sixteen I began to memorize the picture of the Bible and my school lessons went from F to A. I became an A student because of the Bible. I graduated top in high school because of the Bible, it taught me that nothing was impossible.

My whole life was changed because I fed myself with new information from the Bible which changed my concept of me and I discovered things like this, “the greatest tragedy in life is not death but is life without a purpose “

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