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My Journey To Auchi 15years Ago || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: *When people genuinely hear God, they don’t make sense to people. How can God tell me to leave Lagos and come to Auchi?*

On my way to Edo State, I stopped at redemption camp and entered it because my heart was shaking. I said Lord, “people only go to their home town when they are old”, God said, “No..go home”. I cried….. I told one of my friend, he said, “it’s a lie, is family altar, they are calling you, they want to destroy you, we need to attack it”

I believed him and we entered the camp for prayers. The more I was rebuking the voice, the more the voice was speaking. I left my friend and I came to Auchi. When I came, the first church I entered, the pastor just finished preaching and all the youth gathered around his 504 pushing it and he was the biggest man in that town. I said to myself, “Jesus….Father is this how my life will be? “

I saw everything that did not look like the vision God has showed me or what God told me but I stayed. Then I began to preach in one or two churches, as I go there, prophesy was stranged. If I prophesy on people, they will attack me(ehhh…one person don come town now o, he brought power from Lagos)

I started going through attack(give him a year, he will close up) … I said, “God, did you send me here? Did you say Auchi or Bauchi? ” and God said “Auchi”.

So, I depended on Him. As I was going, He said FORWARD, I am with you. I held on to that word and if I see any shaking in my life, I will remember those words…

Please, be depended on the word of God! Your dependence on God is on the platform of your trust in His word.

When I look at years, 15years ago is just like yesterday. 15years later, I see what obeying God has done…

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