MotivationalPastor Chris Oyakhilome

When You Are In Love–Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

If you are in love with someone, talk to God, pray about it, ask for Godly counsel, ask someone under whom you have been placed.

Don’t ask an old friend. If you want Godly advice, Godly counsel, talk to someone who is in authority over you. Not someone who is necessarily older than you, not someone who has been in it for a long time. All that will not help you. You know why? 
Because they will always be sensitive to your feelings and may be careful about hurting you.

You know how people are, if you report a matter to someone first, you are likely to be the winner of the case because there is that sympathy that he will express towards you.

So, talk to someone who is in authority over you, who will boldly say to you, ”it’s not this way, it is that way” then you both look at it together, whether you agree or not with him, it makes no difference but he has told you the truth….

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