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The Result Of Indiscipline–Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Most of those in the deliverance ministry end up needing deliverance. Because the only deliverance there is, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ for everybody but all demonic deliverance style like smoke out, cough out, etc. Some of you, after you have thought of going into a relationship, the next thing you want to do, is to go for deliverance because you have been told that once you go into a relationship, go for deliverance.

“Sir, we need deliverance, we don’t want the devil to come into our marriage, we want a very clean and pure marriage, a sanctified one, therefore we have come for a deliverance”

What about the one you received, when Jesus came into your life? You want assurance that two of you are now clean…. 
Deliverance from what? 
Ignorance of the word of God!

There they are, they have committed fornication again.. They sit down facing each other crying(i thought I will never do it again) what are they crying about? 
Who forced them? 
After crying, they start praying for forgiveness (the Lord is merciful, slow to anger).

Three days later they fornicated again, in tears(it has happened again). 
Do you know what the problem is? Indiscipline!

Is not devil, they have lost the ability to say no.

I was talking to a guy, he held his head. I said; are you listening to me? He said “yes”. I went on talking thinking he was listening. As I spoke, he shook his head again. I had to stop and asked him what’s the matter? 
He said, “is women, pastor I can not lie to you, that’s just my problem. If I can just be free from women, I will be a wonderful Christian, I know myself. I want to serve God, my problem is just women”. I felt like saying, “jump out of him” but I said to myself, “how many women will jump out of him”. The problem is INDISCIPLINE!

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One thought on “The Result Of Indiscipline–Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

  • Malvern Zireva

    Thank you pastor Chris. This is a powerful message of my life


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