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Satan Can Use Positive Attributes About People To Still Destroy You || Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman: Men will laugh at you but tomorrow, the moon, the sun and the eleven stars must bow. You don’t look it now… Sometimes, they will call you and say, you are a useless child, I’ve always known that these your seeking God, you have been a graduate for 5years, acting like a fool, behaving stupid. And you go back to God with that report and God is silent. I want you to know that when God is silent, learn to hear the voice of silence. Silence is a voice, it speaks. When God is silent, He’s saying something. We walk by faith, not everything in your life can be explained and if you allow carnal men to help you interpret your life, they will take you out of Egypt to go and meet your father which will look like testimony but then, you would have aborted the throne.

If someone wanted to help joseph, will he help him to meet Pharaoh? No! If someone wanted to help joseph, he would try to take him out and carry him back to Jacob and Jacob will say thank you, you have given me back my son but Israel will die, Jacob will die, the covenant will never work. Beware of those who love you too much to allow you get to the place of destiny. They look at what you are going through, they will suggest, “does it worth it, we can go back” and someone is almost there and the devil will try to use people to destroy you.

Satan can use positive attributes about people to still destroy you. Satan can use a man’s compassion to be a weapon against you. It was the compassion of Peter that was being used against Jesus but Jesus said, “no” get behind me Satan. The devil was using the vulnerability of Peter and using it to manipulate Jesus away from the cross. Listen, pass through whatever you have to pass through, knowing that although it may not make sense, it’s still called favour.

Favour is not always positive and worthy of laughter and celebration at first. There are pathways that is so rare, God is taking you through, you are working your way to your Sabbath, by the time you get to that dimension, you will sit on a seat that no power can take back… The pain is a track record!

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